Upright Golf Super Combo


Upright Golf Super Combo

The Upright Golf Super Combo is a complimentary 'combination' of unique, easy-to-use playing aids plus our 54" 'Upright Golf' umbrella! The Upright Golf Super Combo includes the Upright Golf Stick, a Putting Pack, and our top-quality golf umbrella. The Upright Golf Super Combo is a group of golf products that not only eliminate all of golf's repetitive bending and stooping from the tee box to the green but it will also help keep you dry on rainy days and cool during those hot summer days. Every playing aids in the Upright Golf Super Combo is easy to use. The Upright Golf Stick (includes Birdbath Tees) is an excellent golf ball teeing device for golfers that want to eliminate bending and stooping when teeing their golf ball up! The items in the Putting Pack will eliminate all of the bending and stooping tasks associated with your putting game! The Putting Pack includes (1) Upright Claw & (2) Marker Mags.  The 54" 'Upright Golf' umbrella ($35 value) makes this combo a SUPER combo!  NOTE: We will send you a blue-colored umbrella unless you specifically request a red umbrella in the COMMENT BOX on the order page.

NOTICE: Because of problems we've recently experienced with 'governmental postal delivery services' outside of the USA the 'Upright Golf Stick', 'Upright Golf Stick/Combo', or the 'Upright Golf Super Combo' are no longer available to customers with 'SHIP TO' addresses outside of the USA. The 38" x 6" x 6" box that we use to ship these products is apparently too large for standard delivery in many countries. We suggest customers outside of the USA use this opportunity to save some money and simply purchase a 'Joe's Original Backtee' and then use an old golf club (cut it off at 35") and make their own golf stick! Look at our 'Upright Golf Stick' and it will help you understand how easily you can make your own DIY golf stick.

Oh, by the way, Upright Golf’s Golf Ball Pick Up Putter Attachments are truly the best Golf Ball Pick Up Retriever Grabber Claw Putter Grip Attachments in the world.

Did you know that Upright Golf’s Golf Ball Pick Up Putter Attachments are designed to allow you to retrieve your golf ball without bending or stooping after you make those birdie putts!  All of Upright Golf’s ‘claw-style’ Ball Pick-up tools are a far more superior alternative to the suction cup pick up devices. Our discrete Golf Ball Pick-up tools allows you to retrieve your golf ball without bending over!

Upright Golf Stick - Click on this video clip to learn more about the Upright Golf Stick!

Upright Claw

Marker Mags - Click on this YouTube video clip to learn more about the Marker Mags!

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