Customer Testimonials

"Absolutely love my new Golf Claw. Works better than I even hoped it would!"

W. Nelson  7/24/18 


"Hi Jim, your Backtee device is amazing! Can now play more often (and with less pain) than I've been able to do for years."

G. Zook  9/12/18 


"Loving those little Marker Mags, Jim! Thanks for sending them - they work great with the ball marker in my new Upright Claw tool."

J. Junkmann  4/4/19 


"Thanks for developing so many products that help us older golfers keep playing. You really are ending the bending!"

D. Hood  10/22/19 


"Just wanted to tell you how much I love my Joe's Original Backtee teeing device. It has given the game of golf back to me. I play a couple of times a week now when I couldn't play at all before. Who knew a small investment like this could have such an impact. Everyone I play with thinks its great. I made my own golf stick from an old club. It works great. Sawed off the club head and attached the Backtee to the grip with black tape. Just jab it in the ground and tee off.
Thanks for such a great device!"

B. Ridner  1/26/20 


"Thanks Jim, I have to tell you I still can't brag enough about your Joe's Original Backtee. What a gift it's been for me. Thanks to you I'm back to enjoying the game I love."   

D. Lingofelter   3/29/20


"Hi Jim, The Joe's Original Backtee and Golf Claw are the best golfing tools we've used in quite awhile!  Thank you very much for your unique tools and superb personal service!  My husband will be the envy of all his friends this summer on our local golf course here in Rangeley, Maine.  We will, of course, recommend your website!

S. Tourtillotte    4/01/20