SPECIAL OFFER! Deluxe Telescopic Ball Pick Up Tool & FREE Golf Claw for your putter


Our new 'Deluxe Telescopic Ball Pick Up Tool' includes our most durable and compact 3-fingered golf ball pick up tool, the 'Senior Claw'.  It extends to 31" and collaspes to only 10".  A great tool for scrambles, best shots, or any 18-hole round of golf.  Helps speed play up while eliminating the need to even get out of the golf car to pick your ball up!  Also works great when retrieving a ball from under a bush or from a water puddle.

In addition to this compact 'Deluxe Telescopic Ball Pick Up Tool' this SPECIAL OFFER also includes A 40% DISCOUNT plus a FREE 'Golf Claw' ball pick up tool for your putter...yes, because "we're ending the bending" in golf!  Fully extended, the 'Deluxe Telescopic Ball Pick Up Tool' is 31" long - when collapsed, it's only 10" long.  Designed to fit neatly and securely in the cubby of any motorized golf car but also short enough to carry in your pocket.  

Between the 'Golf Claw' and the 'Deluxe Telescopic Ball Pick Up Tool' you'll eliminate 100% of the repetitive bending and stooping when picking your ball up.  Minimize those potential chances of injuring your lower back, hips, or knees.

The 'Deluxe Telescopic Ball Pick Up Tool' can also be 'branded' for organizations, businesses, or on-course pro shop customers.  We'd then use our 3-fingered 'Promo Claw' ball pick up tool with a customized 1" diameter ball marker that has your business name or logo on it!  It's a great way to promote and market your business or golf course for years to come.  Contact Jim @ (319) 415-5035 for MOQ and pricing details for the 'Promo Claw' tool.