Promo Claw 25-pk w/o Ball Marker & (1) Counter-top Display


Promo Claw (w/o a ball marker) + (1) Counter-top Display - (25) Promo Claw tools

This too is a great choice for pro shops and golf specialty retail stores.  Excellent product for re-selling - offers solid margins. The Promo Claw is a great ball pick up tool that allows the user to promote whatever business, social cause, or sports team (whose logo or image is printed on the ball marker).  If your store already sells licensed (or non-licensed) ball markers with an NCAA college or professional sports team logo on them the Promo Claw is a great 'up-sale' product.
 Display the Promo Claw counter-top display next to your ball marker display and your customers will 'figure it out'!  Or, let them know that they can purchase a Promo Claw and any sports team ball marker (must sell licensed ball markers separately).  The Promo Claw fits into the small air-release hole on the end of any standard putter grip.

Includes (25) Promo Claws (w/o a ball marker.) and a counter-top display.

Click on the following YouTube video link to see how easy it is to use the Promo Claw (i.e. same tool as the Upright Claw but includes a custom ball marker).

Upright / Promo Claw

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