Upright Golf - We're ending the bending!

Posted by James Egli on Feb 8th 2020

Since 2002, Upright Golf has developed the world's most comprehensive line of easy-to-use 'playing aids' for senior golfers.  We've also developed a great line of products for golfers that practice and/or play from a single rider golf car.  Our proprietary products are unique and if you take the time to view the YouTube videos on our UprightGolf.com website it will help you better understand how easy our products are to use and how best to utilize each of them.  We always enjoy the opportunity to visit with prospective customers to learn more about their personal 'bending or stooping' issues so we're better able to make solid product recommendations. 
The 1st product that we developed was the "Joe's Original Backtee" teeing device.  Ounce-for-ounce and dollar-for-dollar the "Joe's Original Backtee" device is without question the best teeing device in the world!  Unlike the different mechanical contraptions that are on the market the "Joe's Original Backtee" is small, compact, durable, and super easy to use.  Just clip it on/off the grip of the club you're using to tee off - and if you like the "Joe's Original Backtee" you'd absolutely love our "Upright Golf Stick".  The "Upright Golf Stick" eliminates the need to clip the "Joe's Original Backtee" on/off your club repeatedly.  The "Upright Golf Stick" can also be used as an extra club caddie during those times that you have an extra club or two with you in the fairway or around the putting green.  It can also be used to pick a ball out of a water hazard, from under a bush, or from the golf cart without even having to get out! 
Any standard golf tee can be used in the "Joe's Original Backtee" or "Upright Golf Stick".  However, to make the placement or setting of the ball onto the tee super-easy we provide several of our over-sized headed "Birdbath Tees" with both products.  If nothing else, the "Birdbath Tees" serve as starter tees during the time that the golfer is getting accustomed to using the teeing device(s).  When demonstrating just how simple the "Joe's Original Backtee" is to use as a teeing device I enjoy placing the ball on the tee through my legs when demonstrating at golf shows!  
If a golfer would like to eliminate 100% of the repetitive bending or stooping tasks in the game of golf they should consider purchasing our "Upright Golf Stick" and our "Putting Pack"!  When used together, this group of playing aids will eliminate every bending or stooping task short of tying your shoes!  We've earned the reputation of not only becoming one of the most dependable companies on the Internet we're also the most debendable golf company on the Internet!  Please don't hesitate to give me a call on my mobile phone @ (319) 415-5035 if we can help you hit the ball longer and more often!