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CAP-Teeva Tees
CAP-Teeva Tees

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CAP-Teeva Tee

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The CAP-Teeva Tee is a great choice for golfers of any age or ability. To begin with, the 3-1/4" long plastic tee is virtually unbreakable. Then, when you add the 'rubber cap' to create the CAP-Teeva Tee it becomes even more durable. The re-usable rubber CAP fits snugly on the tee head. The rubber cap is about 3/4" in diameter so it offers super-easy ball placement and added loft to the ball path. If you'd like, for short-iron play, simply reduce the length of the tee by clipping / cutting the plastic tee shaft to the desired length.

Package contains (6) yellow tees and (1) rubber CAP. The CAP-Teeva Tees might be the last tees you´ll ever need to buy!