Magnetic CAP-Teeva Tees - Combo #2


Magnetic CAP-Teeva Tees - Combo #2

UPRIGHT Golf´s ´Magnetic CAP-Teeva Tees´ have been designed to make every golfer's game easier and more enjoyable - we've combined our amazingly durable magnetically-friendly plastic CAP-Teeva Tees, rubber CAPs to make ball placement super-easy, and Grip Magnets for your most frequently used clubs. We've eliminated the need for you to bend down to pick your tee up after hitting your ball! The powerful 'grip magnet' fits in the air release hole on the end cap of your club's grip & they are great tee picker-uppers.  The plastic tees are extremely durable and virtually unbreakable!  The rubber CAP creates an over-sized head (5/8" diameter) for super easy ball placement!

NEW & IMPROVED...we've combined the most popular features of our Magnetic Tees with our traditional CAP-Teeva Tees to make these new 'Magnetic CAP-Teeva Tees'! With the inter-changable rubber CAPs, these plastic tees are the most durable tees in the industry. So durable in fact ... retail stores refuse to carry them because, as they tell us, "they don't ever break and never need to be replaced so we miss out on repeat sales"!  

After hitting, just touch the Magnetic CAP-Teeva Tee with the Grip Magnet (when it´s laying on the ground) and pick the tee up without bending or stooping!  Upright Golf - We're ending the bending!

Each package includes

  1. (4) 3-1/4 inch (RED) Magnetic CAP-Teeva Tees
  2. (4) 3-1/4 inch (BLUE) Magnetic CAP-Teeva Tees
  3. (4) 2-1/4 inch (WHITE) Magnetic CAP-Teeva Tees
  4. (4) Rubber CAPS (reusable)
  5. (10) Grip Magnets

Magnetic CAP-Teeva Tees - Click on this YouTube video clip to learn more!


All of our Durable Plastic Golf Tees are Virtually Unbreakable!  The Oversized Head makes for Super-Easy Ball Placement - makes Teeing the Golf Ball up much Easier for Senior Golfers.  Designed by a Senior Golf for Senior Golfers with the Oversized Tee Head for Easy Ball Placement.

These Durable Plastic Tees (Senior Golf Tees) with their Oversized Tee Head makes Teeing the Golf Ball Up much easier for Senior Golfers. These Senior Golf Tees are a specialty Golf Tee designed for ease of use by Senior Golfers. Over-Sized Headed Golf TeesOversized Head 3-1/2” Birdbath Golf Tees.

Superior strength in a plastic tee for extended longevity. Oversized tee head size The Senior Tee is a specialty golf tee designed for ease of use.

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