Right-Height Golf Tees with Over-sized Head for Easy Ball Placement for Senior Golfers


Right-Height Golf Tees  (5-pks.)

Our Right-Height Golf Tees are made from a very durable impact resistant plastic material that makes them virtually unbreakable! Right-Height Golf Tees offer you a consistent teeing height time after time - you´ll find it much easier to tee the ball up because all of the tees have an over-sized head.

These Right-Height Golf Tees have over-sized heads for easier ball placement and will also work well with our Joe's Original Backtee and Upright Golf Stick teeing devices!

Each package/option includes a total of (5) Right-Height Golf Tees of various height(s).  The 'net' heights of the tees are as listed. Purchase Options: (5) 1-3/4" tees; (2) 1-1/2" & (3) 1-3/4" tees; (2) 5/8" & (3) 1-3/4" tees; (2) 5/8" & (3) 7/8" tees; or (1) 5/8", (1) 7/8", (1) 1-1/2", & (2) 1-3/4" tees.

The durable and long lasting Right-Height Golf Tees give you a consistent teeing height every time you tee it up!

Right-Height Golf Tees will either be white or flag-blue in color.

This package of Right-Height Golf Tees includes (5) tees of different lengths.

These Durable Plastic Golf Tees are Virtually Unbreakable!  The Oversized Head makes for Super-Easy Ball Placement - makes Teeing the Golf Ball up much Easier for Senior Golfers.  Designed by a Senior Golf for Senior Golfers with the Oversized Tee Head for Easy Ball Placement.