Magnetic CAP-Teeva Tees - Combo #3 + a Free Golf Claw


Magnetic CAP-Teeva Tees - Combo #3

UPRIGHT Golf´s ´Magnetic CAP-Teeva Tees´ have been designed to make every golfer´s game easier and more enjoyable - we've combined a durable 3-1/4" magnetically-friendly plastic tees, a rubber CAP that makes ball placement super easy, and a selection of Grip Magnets for your most frequently used clubs. We've eliminated the need for you to bend down to pick your tee up after hitting your ball! The powerful 'grip magnet' is a great tee picker upper; the plastic tees are extremely durable; and the rubber CAP provides an over-sized head (5/8" diameter) for easy ball placement!

NEW & IMPROVED...we've combined the popular features of our Magnetic Tees with our CAP-Teeva Tees to make these new 'Magnetic CAP-Teeva Tees'! With the rubber CAP, these plastic tees are the most durable tees in the industry. So durable in fact ... our retail customers refuse to carry them because they don't break!

Just touch the new Magnetic CAP-Teeva Tee with the Grip Magnet (when it´s laying on the ground) and pick the tee up without bending or stooping!

Each Combo #3 purchase includes (1) free 'Golf Claw' plus:

  1. (3) 3-1/4 inch (RED) Magnetic CAP-Teeva Tees
  2. (3) 3-1/4 inch (BLUE) Magnetic CAP-Teeva Tees
  3. (2) 2-1/4 inch (WHITE) Magnetic CAP-Teeva Tees
  4. (2) Rubber CAPS (reusable)
  5. (8) Grip Magnets - one for every club in your bag!

Magnetic CAP-Teeva Tees - Click on this YouTube video clip to learn more!

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