Golf Claw (25-pk.) - Refill Poly Bag - The Golf Claw is a durable golf ball retriever / attachment tool! It is not one of those old-style suction cup ball pick up tools.


Golf Claw Refill 25-pk. - Wholesale

The MSRP for individual Golf Claw when purchased in 25-pks and displayed in our Counter-top Display ranges between $8.99 - $11.99.

The 'Golf Claw' is an excellent golf ball pick up attachment or tool as it fits securely on the end of any standard putter grip.  As a golf ball retriever its a much better alternative than the old-style bulky golf ball pick up suction cup!

NOTICE: First-time buyers should purchase the Golf Claw Display Box and after that simply purchase this Refill 25-pk. to refill the Counter-top Display.

Golf Claw - Click on this YouTube video clip to learn more!

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