Golf Ball Marker Magnetic 'Crocodile Clip' - Solid or Sparkle Colors - w/ Logo Golf Ball Marker & Marker Mags

The Crocodile 'Golf Ball Marker' Magnetic Clip can be used in several different ways!  Clip it on your shirt, collar, shoe, hat, or pocket.  Durable – Features Strong Magnets – Multiple Colors - Solid or Sparkle - Includes (1) 'Upright Golf' logo Ball Marker & (2) Marker Mags!
All of our Ball Markers work great with the 'Crocodile Clip' and any 'magnetically-friendly' (non-Dome top style) Golf Ball Marker will also work with the Marker Mag!
NOTE: This product includes a 1" diameter magnetically-friendly 'Upright Golf' logo Golf Ball Marker - Other Golf Ball Markers can also be purchased separately!