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Special Requests Only Golf Claw, Marker Mags & Upright Tees Combo
Special Requests Only
Price (Click on picture to purchase): $0.01
Golf Claw, Marker Mags & Upright Tees Combo
Price (Click on picture to purchase): $19.99

From time to time we get special requests from friends, past customers, and/or not-for-profit organization to donate products or possibly replace a defective product. We use this page for those occasions as it allows us to get the name and 'ship to' address of the person or organization we're wanting to help. This page should only be used IF and AFTER you have received permission to use it and AFTER we have provided you with the specific information that you will need to included in the COMMENT BOX on the CHECK OUT PAGE!

The user of this page will be charged $0.01 plus our minimum shipping & handling charge of $4.95
(just so the page works properly). Now, please understand, if you use this page without PRIOR approval from UprightGolf.com you'll be making a donation to our employee Christmas party fund and we thank you in advance for your $4.96 ($0.01 + $4.95) donation...because you will not be receiving a refund for your irresponsible behavior! Thank you.

Golf Claw, Marker Mags & Upright Tees Combo

A unique combination of (3) great playing aids! Get (1) Golf Claw ball pick up tool, (1) 5-pack of Marker Mags, and (1) 6-pack of Upright Tees - mixed colors! Save big $$!

Each Combo includes:

  • (1) Golf Claw
  • (Package of 5) Marker Mags
  • (Package of 6) Upright Tees - mixed colors

Golf Claw - ball pick up tool


Marker Mags - To learn more about our Marker mags click on this YouTube video clip!

Upright Tees - mixed colors; 3-1/4" long w/ over-sized head

Click on Upright Golf Playing Aids to learn about other Upright Golf playing aids.