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Upright Claw w/ 'spine' reinforcement for added strength!
Upright Claw w/ 'spine' reinforcement for added strength!

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Price (Click on picture to purchase): $8.99

Product Code: 3FUCBPU

Upright Claw

Each Upright Claw includes:
  • One (1) 3-Finger Upright Claw ball pick up tool
  • One (1) 1" diameter red/white logo ball marker
NOTE: The Upright Claw works great with our Collegiate, Holographic, Bling, and Unique Ball Markers!

Upright Claw - Click on this YouTube video clip to learn more about the Upright Claw

The Upright Claw ball pick up tool can also be a great promotional product when the 1" diameter ball marker is customized to promote your club, business, or organization. It is also a great golf tournament promotional tool!
All of our Collegiate Ball Markers and Maggie (Holographic) Ball Markers work great with the Upright Claw. If you're interested in having custom 1" diameter ball markers made please contact us for details at (319) 268-0939. Also, our Marker Mags work great with this ball marker! We're ending the bending!

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Upright Claw
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