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Upright Golf Stick - Golf Ball Teeing Device
Upright Golf Stick - Golf Ball Teeing Device

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Upright Golf Stick

The Upright Golf Combo, as featured on NBC´s Today Show, is an incredible 'combination' of unique, easy-to-use playing aids! Designed specifically for the golfer that has a difficult time with all of golf´s repetitive bending and stooping. The Upright Golf Combo includes the Upright Golf Stick and a Putting Pack. The Upright Golf Combo has been designed to eliminate all of golf's repetitive bending and stooping from the tee box to the green PLUS bending tasks like picking up of the flag stick when its laying on the putting surface. Every playing aids in the Upright Golf Combo is easy to use. The Upright Golf Stick (includes (3) 3-1/2" Birdbath Tees) is an excellent golf ball teeing device for golfers that want to eliminate bending and stooping when teeing their golf ball up! The items in the Putting Pack will eliminate all of the bending and stooping tasks associated with your putting game! The Putting Pack includes (1) Upright Claw w/ (1) red on white ball marker & (2) Marker Mags.

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