Birdbath Tees 8-pk - (10) Retail-Ready Packages


3-1/2" Birdbath Tees (10) 8-Pks.


Birdbath Tees are a great choice for golfers of any age or ability. These virtually unbreakable 3-1/2" long plastic tees, with their over-sized 'birdbath-shaped' head, offer durability, easy ball placement, and added loft to the ball path. Each package of Birdbath Tees contains: (8) 3-1/2" white tees...great lengths for today's over-sized driver heads. Standard wholesale price is $3.00 / pk. or $30 for (10) packages but our Discounted Cash & Carry Wholesale price is $2.50 / pk. or $25.00 for (10) of the retail-ready packages. The MSRP ranges between $5.99 - $6.99 / pk. Great customer value - solid margins!

NOTE: The Birdbath Tees fit into the 'V-Slot' on our Joe´s Original BACKTEE teeing device to provide super easy ball placement!


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These Durable Plastic Golf Tees are Virtually Unbreakable!  The Oversized Head makes for Super-Easy Ball Placement - makes Teeing the Golf Ball up much Easier for Senior Golfers.  Designed by a Senior Golf for Senior Golfers with the Oversized Tee Head for Easy Ball Placement.

These Durable Plastic Tees (Senior Golf Tees) with their Oversized Tee Head makes Teeing the Golf Ball Up much easier for Senior Golfers. These Senior Golf Tees are a specialty Golf Tee designed for ease of use by Senior Golfers. Over-Sized Headed Golf TeesOversized Head 3-1/2” Birdbath Golf Tees.

Superior strength in a plastic tee for extended longevity. Oversized tee head size The Senior Tee is a specialty golf tee designed for ease of use.