Upright Golf Mask / Filter


Like all of our 'playing aids' this Upright Golf Mask / Filter can help make your game easier and more enjoyable!  And the great thing about this particular product is that when our lives return to normal it can also be used as a coffee filter!  YES!!!  I kid you not!  Just another great multi-purpose product from Upright Golf!

And if you like this product you'll absolutely love our FREE tees!

NOTICE: To help ensure that we're able to serve as many people as possible, for customers under the age of 55 we're suggesting that you limit the number of Masks / Filters that you purchase to (1) per order per day and certainly no more than (7) in any given week.  For our core customers, the incredible 'senior golfers' you may purchase up to (3) per order per day!  NO EXCEPTIONS PLEASE!!! 

Stay safe out there my friends & remember...Upright Golf is ending the bending!