Special Requests to the Owner


From time to time we get special requests from friends, past customers, and/or not-for-profit organization to donate products or possibly replace a defective product. We use this page for those occasions as it allows us to get the name and 'ship to' address of the person or organization we're wanting to help. This page should only be used IF and AFTER you have received written permission from Jim Egli (owner) to use it and AFTER we have provided you with the specific information that you will need to included in the COMMENT BOX on the CHECK OUT PAGE!

If you use this option, you will NOT be charged for the product(s) but you will be charged our minimum shipping & handling charge of $4.95
. Now, for the knuckleheads out there...please understand, if you use this page without PRIOR approval from Jim Egli you will simply be making a donation to our employee Christmas party fund! Your order will be ignored, you'll receive no notification from Upright Golf, your $4.95 will NOT be returned (during my lifetime), and we will make a nice toast to you and laugh loudly and thank you for your $4.95 donation to us...because, like I've said, you WILL NOT receive a refund for your irresponsible behavior! Thank you.