Flip-top Pick Up - Retail - Discounted 'Cash & Carry' Wholesale
Flip-top Pick Up - Retail - Discounted 'Cash & Carry' Wholesale

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Price (Click on picture to purchase): $4.60

Product Code: F-TBPUW

Flip-top Golf Ball Pick Up - Discounted 'Cash & Carry' Wholesale - You Save 8%

This ingenious design (very similar to the Nickel Putter golf ball pickup) - allows the golfer to pick the golf ball from the cup w/o bending. It is attached to the end of the putter grip with (3) small screws. Like other top-quality golf ball pick up tools the Flip-top Pick Up is small and compact. The Flip-top Pick Up is the only golf ball pick up tool that actually folds when not in use! The Flip-top Pick Up fits easily and neatly on oblong-shaped putter grips...we STRONGLY recommend it for putter grips that have a more oblong than round end cap. No more bending down to pick up your ball...a great choice!

MSRP for the individually packaged Flip-top Golf Ball Pick Up ranges from $9.99 - $19.99. Your discounted 'Cash & Carry' wholesale price is only $4.60 ea. in retail-ready packages.

Each Flip-top Pick Up includes:

  • One (1) Flip-top tool with the (3) small screws for installation
  • A pictorial sheet of instructions for installation
  • Individually packaged w/ header card including UPC code

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