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Upright Golf Stick - Retail - Discounted 'Cash & Carry' Wholesale - You Save 8%

MSRP ranges between $49.99. Your discounted 'Cash & Carry' wholesale price is $23.00.

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This amazing multi-purpose Upright Golf Stick, as featured on NBC´s Today Show, is an incredible playing aid for any golfer that has a difficult time with all of golf´s bending and stooping. Our Joe's Original Backtee (which is permanently attached to the end of the grip on the Upright Golf Stick) is fun and easy to use - an excellent golf ball teeing device for golfers that want to eliminate bending and stooping when teeing their golf ball up! Includes a pack of (5) Birdbath Tees.

Upright Golf Stick
Joe's Original Backtee