Upright Claw (25-pk.) Refill - Discounted Wholesale 'Cash & Carry'
Upright Claw (25-pk.) Refill - Discounted Wholesale 'Cash & Carry'

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Price (Click on picture to purchase): $112.50

Product Code: 3FUC-WA

Upright Claw 25-pk. Reg. Price $118.75 - You Save 8%

The MSRP for the 3-finger Upright Claw w/ Ball Marker is $9.99 ea; your 'Cash & Carry' discount wholesale cost is $4.37 ea.

First-time buyers should purchase the Upright Claw Counter-top Display. This is only a refill bag of 25 pcs!

Upright Claw - Click on this YouTube video clip to learn more about the Upright Claw


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The Upright Claw ball pick up tool is an excellent playing aid!
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