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Flip-top Golf Ball Pickup - (10) Retail-ready Packages
Flip-top Golf Ball Pickup - (10) Retail-ready Packages

Price (Click on picture to purchase): $55.00

Product Code: FT-01


Flip-top Golf Ball Pickup - (10) Individually Packaged

This ingenious design (very similar to the Nickel Putter golf ball pick up) allows the golfer to pick the golf ball from the cup. It is attached to the end of the putter grip with (3) small screws. Like other quality golf ball pick up tools the Flip-top Pickup is small and compact. The Flip-top Pickup is the only golf ball pick up tool that actually folds-away when not in use! The Flip-top Pickup fits easily and neatly on most putter grips...we recommend it for putter grips that have an oblong end cap. No more bending down to pick up your ball...a great choice!

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The standard wholesale price for the individually packaged Flip-top Pickup tool is $6.00 ea. Our discounted wholesale price is $5.50 each or $55.00 for (10) of the retail-ready packages. The MSRP for the individually packaged Flip-top Pick Up ranges between $11.99 - $14.99 ea. Great value - solid margins!

Each Flip-top Pickup includes:
  • One (1) Flip-top tool with the (3) small screws for installation
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