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JOB   (1) Joe's Original Backtee w/ 8-pk. of Birdbath Tees
BSGS   (2) Best Shot Golf Sticks - Eliminates bending!
10012016   (2) Collegiate Ball Markers
AG-RS   Assistive Golf / Range Stick - Golf Ball Teeing Device
BB-2-lengths-8   Birdbath Tees - (8-pk. - White)
BB-3-1-2-5M   Birdbath Tees - 3-1/2" (5-pk. - Mixed Colors)
BB-3-1-2-5orange   Birdbath Tees - 3-1/2" (5-pk. - Orange)
BB-3-1-2-5pink   Birdbath Tees - 3-1/2" (5-pk. - Pink)
BB-3-1-2-5purple   Birdbath Tees - 3-1/2" (5-pk. - Purple)
BB-3-1-2-5white   Birdbath Tees - 3-1/2" (5-pk. - White)
BB-3-1-2-5yellow   Birdbath Tees - 3-1/2" (5-pk. - Yellow)
1000215421   Canadian Flag Ball Marker
CAP_T   CAP-Teeva Tees
Combo2   Combo: Joe's Original Backtee, (2) Marker Mags & Magnetic Clip w/ 1" R/W Ball Marker
Combo1   Combo: Senior Claw, Birdbath Tees (5-pk. colored), (2) Marker Mags & Magnetic Clip w/ 1" R/W Ball Marker
Combo3   Combo: Telescopic Ball Pick Up, Birdbath Tees (5-pk. colored), (2) Marker Mags & Magnetic Clip w/ 1" R/W Ball Marker
DCbpu   Detachable Claw - with reinforced fingers!
3fDCKbpu   Does-all Claw Kit
F-tBPU   Flip-top Golf Ball Pickup
FUT-325G   FREE GOLF TEES!! Upright Tees - 3-1/4" (Green) - (6-pk.)
GCbpu-Retail   Golf Claw - America's #1 ball pick up tool
GC-02   Golf Claw - Counter-top Display w/ 25 Golf Claws
GCMMUT_Special   Golf Claw, Marker Mags & Birdbath Tees Combo
1000215424   I Love My Dog Ball Marker
BPUT-Special   Inexpensive 4-Finger Ball Pick Up Tools (4 pk.) - SPECIAL PRICE!!!
JOB_PP   Joe's Original Backtee & Putting Pack Combo
AC-TT   Magnetic CAP-Teeva Tees
MM_Special   Marker Mags, Magnetic Clip & Ball Marker
1000215425   Martini Ball Marker
MCbpu-Retail   Mini Claw
1000215426   PGA Tour Ball Marker
1000215427   Pink Ribbon Ball Marker
PP   Putting Pack
R-HGT   Right-Height Golf Tees
RHGT1-3-4   Right-Height Golf Tees
1000215429   Royal Flush Ball Marker
3fSCbpu   Senior Claw
SC-02   Senior Claw - Counter-top Display w/ 25 Senior Claws
1000215428   Smiley Face Ball Marker
Special-Requests   Special Requests to the Owner
E-BP   Telescopic Ball Pick Up - Pick up your golf ball without bending over!
UC-02   Upright Claw - Counter-top Display w/ 25-pk
3fUCbpu   Upright Claw w/ 'spine' reinforcement for added strength!
UGC   Upright Golf Combo - We're ending ALL of the bending!
UGS   Upright Golf Stick - Golf Ball Teeing Device
URSC   Upright Range Stick Combo - Ball Teeing Device
1000215422   USA Flag Ball Marker
1000215423   USA Waiving Flag Ball Marker

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