Ball Marker Counter-top Display w/ (25-pk) Upright Claws
Ball Marker Counter-top Display w/ (25-pk) Upright Claws

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Price (Click on picture to purchase): $110.00

Product Code: 3FUCCTD

SAVE $$ on this Counter-top Ball Marker & Upright Claw Display - $133.75 Value - You Save 18%

Each Counter-top 'Ball Marker & Upright Claw Display' includes:
  • (1) Counter-top POP Display
  • (25) Upright Claws w/ 1" diameter red/white logo ball marker
NOTE: The Upright Claw works great with any magnetically-friendly 1" diameter licensed Collegiate or Professional team ball marker and any of the many 'bling' ball markers on the market!

Click on this YouTube video clip to learn more about the Upright Claw golf ball pick up tool.

This (11” L x 9” W x 12” H) free-standing counter-top display is designed specifically to display our unique Upright Claw ball pick up tools along with any 1” diameter magnetically-friendly ball markers that retailers sell. This is a great up-sale opportunity as the Upright Claw holds any magnetically-friendly ball marker up to 1“ in diameter.

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