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Magnetic Golf Tees - Eliminates bending and stooping!

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Product Code: AGT-RETAIL


Magnetic Golf Tees

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UPRIGHT Golf´s new ´Magnetic Golf Tees´ have been designed to make every golfer´s game easier and more enjoyable because we've eliminated the need for you to bend down to pick up your tee! The powerful 'grip magnet' is a great tee picker upper! And, the plastic tees are extremely durable!

Just touch the Magnetic Golf Tee with the Grip Magnet (when it´s laying on the ground) and pick the tee up without bending or stooping!

Each package includes
  1. (3) 3-1/4 inch (BLUE) Magnetic Golf Tee
  2. (2) 2-1/4 inch (WHITE) Magnetic Golf Tees
  3. (2) Grip Magnets
Magnetic Golf Tees - Click on this YouTube video clip to learn more!

The Magnetic Golf Tees will eliminate a minimum of 18 times that you would normally have to bend or stoop when playing a round of golf!

Magnetic Golf Tees